Sunday, May 11, 2014

Variety = Spice of Life (and Quilting)

The doll quilt swap has been finished for a few weeks, but I pulled out the second piece and finished it. I LOVE how this turned out. Inspired by a quilt in a Jo Morton book. If I could find the book I'd share the title with you, but geez, my sewing room needs an overhaul. That's on my list for this coming week.
So a little retail therapy never hurts.  I couldn't resist a sale on the Party of Twelve collection by Judie Rothermel.  This is the first time I've ever bought a collection of any CW prints, so it was a big splurge.  It's all washed and folded, just waiting to be cut and sewn into something. 

This came out of hiding this week, it's from a Gwen Marston workshop I took several years ago.  I have to say, it still appeals to me and I'm going to get back at it once I clean up.  This is a project that I have to have the whole table cleaned off and at least a few hours of uninterrupted sewing time.

How cute is this!  Joyce from Wash Tub Quilts put out a call for I Spy blocks.  I happened to have this perfect sized cowboy and since it is going to a young man, I thought it would do the trick.   Joyce organized many online swaps that I participated in, it seems like such a small way to give back. 

What's happening in your sewing room these days?  The gardens and yards are challenging our quilting time.



Lori said...

Before I move on any projects I must straighten up my sewing room! The temps will be warm this week adn my flower beds call and veggie garden prep. I'll do what I can in the sewing room-usually in spurts.
Love your small quilt and that lovely line of fabrics!

Mimi said...

You have some great stuff going on over there. Me? I just took the challenge quilt off the machine and made the binding. I need to get that sewn on so I can do some hand stitching. Wove in loose threads on two large quilts that came off of Millie and got a label on a baby quilt that is going on the machine next. But this is the week I am taking off for my Karen McTavish classes, so probably won't get back to my regular sewing until next weekend.

Janet O. said...

I have actually fired off two separate orders for Party of Twelve at Whittle's great price! After the first order came, knew I wanted more! : )