Friday, May 9, 2014


I'm ticking along on my Metro Rings quilt from my workshop with Jenny Pedigo. I have 18 of 36 blocks completely done, 6 in some degree of process and all the pieces cut for the remaining 12 blocks.

I've been giving this pattern a test run, having fun playing with Metro Hoops.

I had some issues once I went to put the finished blocks together.  The four corner triangles would not line up, and yet the blocks went together perfectly.  They were all the same size.  What the heck?
When in doubt, ask the designer.  Jenny took one look at my blocks and noticed I had cut my 'hoops' two different sizes.  Yup, I sure did.  But I had this all together and it was so pretty.  Time to test out Jenny's quilting motif.  I think I did a pretty good job copying her design.  I have some variations, but the core design is from her piece.

Now I know where to put registration marks for the quilting, I know where to look on the ruler when it comes to cutting rings, and I know how the whole concept of this pattern works. Testing out something new is always a good idea. 

Stay tuned for version two.

My sew day got postponed.  My guy has been sick this week and this morning was too much for me, so off to the Dr. he went.   He's now on antibiotics, and guess who has the sore scratchy throat now???

Off to stitch a binding,


Mimi said...

Never fails. I turned down watching my 6-month old grandson today because mom had 103* temp. I do not want to get sick (which in the past six months I have been sick about every 2-3 weeks because of sitting for him) as next week I have classes lined up with Karen McTavish. First off, I have to drive to KY for them and secondly, I don't want to lose my $$$ and thirdly....I just don't want to miss out on all the learning. By the way Sharon....your quilting is great! Can't wait to get that good.

Sharon said...

Hope all is well in your house soon.
Take a few minutes and finishing the binding, since that is one part of the quilt that you can always pick up and put down quickly when a sick little one needs your help.

Happy Mother's Day from another Sharon and quilter.

Louise said...

Oh dear..but with this crazy weather it's no wonder..stay well!

Janet O. said...

The quilt (and quilting) looks beautiful to me!

Nancy said...

As always your quilting is amazing. I hope you don’t get too sick but if you do I hope you have a speedy recovery.

taylorsoutback said...

Wonderful textured patterns! Take care of each other.

Lori said...

I hope it was a sympathy scratchy throat and you are not getting sick.
Your quilting is so amazing! It is fun to try something new.