Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Colorful Presentation

I am so excited to post this blog that I am typing it out while thinking of a name worthy of this post. Yeah, yeah, there are so many amazing bloggers out there, but this isn't about me, it's about who came to Moonlighters Guild last night and gave the best presentation! The talk and slide show was all about color and taking notice of the things around you.   The floral shots were amazing and will make me look at nature in a whole new way. This someone has been in this industry for 40 years, she is an accomplished quilter, designer, author, retailer, teacher, and mentor. She put on a great presentation and was so inspiring. So do you know who she is? Here are a few pictures and if you have seen or purchased her latest book, it will be easy.

Did you think solids were boring to work with?
Are you afraid of using color in your quilts?
Do these pictures change your mind?
Can you imagine using so many colors in one piece of work?
Simplicity of the applique allows the piecing to shine through.
It's the little things that make a big impact, like the tiny block at the bottom.
Stacks of knitting needles was the inspiration for this piece.
I'm sure you have now figured out that our guest speaker was Jean Wells from The Stitchin' Post in Sisters, OR.  If you have the opportunity to travel to Sisters, OR in July you will not be disappointed.  The opportunity to see hundreds of quilts all hanging outdoors in this picturesque town is amazing, and this is all because  Jean had a vision and has followed her passion.
Stitch a bit today,


Exuberant Color said...

I met Jean Wells at Quilt Market in 1979 and have always loved her work. I think her latest book is great (and I have almost all of her books).

Marls said...

Looks like an amazing night. Those quilts are just stunning.