Friday, November 6, 2009

Less Words, More Pictures

The push to get everything unpacked and into a new space has ended.  My need to quilt has taken over and I've spent the last few evenings in my sewing room, doing just that, sewing.  Yes, it still needs some serious organizing, but I needed to do some piecing.  I gather more satisfaction from blocks well pieced than I do from a neat and tidy living room!  Here is one corner that is organized.  The basket quilt was from Jo Mortons workshop in Bellingham WA in the summer of 2008.

This is the progress I've made this week on my scrappy log cabins.  Here are 50 blocks finished.

And here are the stacks of 10 blocks each.  This picture is the balance of blocks needed to make a queen size top. 144 in total  I have been sewing one strip on each block when I sit and sew.  This now results in 10 blocks being finished every time I work on this project. I learned this methond from the book Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts

Here is 1/3 of the baby quilt I'm working on, it's a fast and easy pattern that has a great look. Plus it's easy to quilt! The goal is to finish this top by Sunday evening.

Girls Getaway Update. We did a block swap and I asked for big 9 patch blocks with all my pansy fabrics. I've cut them down and I have 130 blocks to play with. Still need to sew/cut some sashing strips, but I'm making progress.

Proof of a content cat! Miss Molly has settled into her new home.
And finally, my Dad stopped by last Wed night for a sleep over before heading to sunny Casa Grande, AZ. My sis decided to make the drive with Dad and here they are, heading out at 7 a.m. for their big adventure. Three days later they arrived safe and sound and have been enjoying sunny days! Maybe I'll get there for Christmas?

Sew with me this weekend!


Exuberant Color said...

Hey I would take neat tidy blocks over a neat tidy living room too. Sometimes we just need to zone out and touch fabric. Your log cabin is looking good. I like your pansy blocks too. That will be crisp and cheeful when it is done.

QuiltSue said...

Isn't it amazing how different your Disappearing 9-patch looks to mine?

The log cabin blocks look good too and I will look forward to seeing them all put together.

Sharon said...

I found your blog through your comment at Through The Barn Door...had to check out another Sharon!

Congratulations on your move, and getting to sew again. It helps when wading through the rest of the unpacking, doesn't it? *grin* I haven't completely unpacked my quilt studio yet (2 years) because I just HAD to sew, and then got distracted by the fabric!

Your projects look so good. Your log cabin will be great, and you're making great progress!