Monday, November 16, 2009

Organization 101

I've been a little quiet here in blog land.  Just when I think I'm going to post on a regular schedule, I don't!  Geez.  This past week and weekend has been very productive though.  I'm doing a "blog hop" that is happening right now.  Here is a link to one of the eight designers and I've made one project so far; the "quilt as you go" tree wall hanging.  Doable in one afternoon, binding included. 
I've also had a friend come over and she went into Organization Mode on warp speed!  We (I did help a bit) moved and sorted and purged and regrouped and cleaned and regrouped (did I say that already?) We did this many times on Sunday afternoon. Well, needless to say, the end result has been amazing. I couldn't have done it without her help.  Thank you Lisa!
This morning I got up, poured my coffee and went downstairs to my studio.  For the first time since I moved in (Oct 17/18) I felt like I could breathe and it was so terrific!
Part of this is due to me quilting a customer quilt and getting it off the machine, loading another quilt onto the machine (one less in the pile), putting binding on a quilt that I've been working on since the beginning of 2007. This quilt will be a whole post one day, and that day shall be coming soon! Needless to say, moving projects along and getting things finished is going to be the best thing for my studio. 
Now my commitment to myself is to finish up some things.  I've moved my studio twice, but the first move was easy; I picked up the boxes and moved them. Done.  This move, not so much.  Every piece of fabric has been handled and moved to a new storage system,

every project grouped together, every pattern/book packed and moved and moved.......and still waiting for one final move into a book case that I haven't purchased yet.  So you get the drift.  It's a lot of things. And through this whole process, I just keep thinking about my quilt top that I wanted to put out last Christmas, but didn't have it quilted.  This Christmas it WILL be out, it will be quilted and it will have binding on it!
I will leave you with a few pictures of a team project I did with my friend Norma T.  Her piecing is beautiful and we had the honor of having our quilt hang in Skamania Lodge last year. 

Stitch a bit today,

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