Monday, November 9, 2009

Progress is Happening

After several months of treading water with my quilting projects, I am now making progress and am getting close to having some "finishes" Whoohoo!  Here is the baby quilt and I hit the goal of having the top finished before I went to bed Sunday.  Not only is it finished, but I have the back all pressed and ready, and the binding is also ready to go!
Mr. Postman came on Friday! I got the books that I ordered from The Book Depository. I wondered if I would ever see them, it just seemed too good to be true. Excellent pricing on brand new books, FREE shipping from England, and they arrived in less than 10 days. This is now my new fav book site online. My gal pal Norma also bought the same books and we are going to work on the Farmers Wife quilt blocks together. That's my new project in Jan 2010.
A little Retail Therapy. The picture says it all. Now how could I go into Fabric Etc, buy a panel, and leave all the co-ordinates? I couldn't. That polka dot is FANTASTIC. This is Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais. I
And finally, another picture of my Log Cabin progress. I have 64 more blocks to finish, and most of these are over half done already. My finished pile continues to grow and my strip tray is getting depleted, that's a double victory for me!
Tonight is our guild meeting with Jean Wells from Sisters OR. I have her lastest book and I'm hoping she brings lots of the projects from the book. It's always so great to see the quilts in "real life". I'll report back on the presentation later this week.
Stitch a bit today if you can,

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Marls said...

The baby quilt looks gorgeous.
I use the Book depository all the time now and the service is excellent. Not sure how they manage the free shipping worldwide but and the good prices bit I love it-bit of a bookaholic!!