Thursday, November 5, 2009

Settling into my New Home

Things are really coming together in our new home. I say "our" because my dog and cat act like they have lived there forever. I've had a fireplace of some sort in all my U.S. houses, but this one seems different. Annie, the dog, gets herself right up against the couch while Molly, the cat, stretches out across the center of the living room floor. I guess that is another reason to not get a coffee table!
My sewing room is downstairs and there is no clock or tv or music yet. There needs to be, otherwise, I'll have no life and my animals will starve. I decided to set the timer, and it's amazing how fast an hour goes by. I could live in my sewing room!
There are a few projects going on, but I don't have pics, I promise some pictures tomorrow. Finding all your fabric and having to actually handle each piece and bundle and w.i.p. had really given me a wake up call as to what is REALLY going on in my sewing room. Lots of w.i.p.s that I didn't admit to, but have now committed to working through. But I did start a brand new project 2 days ago. It's a baby quilt, and the baby has been born, and I didn't want to file the fabric, I wanted to use it up. It was the sample swatches of a funky kids western print, and somehow I got about 28 of the same sample piece. I've had it for several years and since the new baby's dad is a closet cowboy, I thought it would be perfect for Baby PS. It's over half done, the quilting will be quick (machine) as I learned from my very first quilt, DO NOT hand quilt for baby quilts that you want the parents to use.
Sew many words and no pictures. I promise some photos tomorrow

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