Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogger Issues

Is it just me or are others having problems with Blogger these past few days?  I can't seem to leave messages on some peoples blogs because I can't log in. When I go to sign in, it keeps cycling back to the sign in page.  Plus on myh own blog, I click on the 'sign in" up in the right corner, that takes me to my Dashboard.  Posting isnt' an issue,  but it's the logging in and commenting on other blogs.  I'm using different computers with different browsers, trying everything.  Is anyone else having these issues?


Terry said...

I was having the same problems with blogger. And then someone told me when I sign in, to leave the box that says "Keep Me Signed In" unchecked and I've not had a problem since. Try that and see if it works for you! :0)

Louise said...

I am going to try Terry's hint about "unchecking" the box..I did notice that mine was checked..not sure why

Louise said...

Thank you Terry!!

Sharon said...

This works! Thanks Terry!