Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Love this Day

Yup, it's my birthday and I'm another year older, whoohoo to that. I have no issues of aging, the alternative is the pits. A few wrinkles, some gray that my hairdresser can cover and another year wiser.
I got up today and did this.
I mowed my lawn. Good lord it is big.
So then I could do this, guilt free!  This is a customer quilt, all her dh's Harley Davidson t-shirts.  It's a fantastic quilt. Oh, did I say quilt, it's a car cover it's so huge. I hope her hubby is tall!  It was fun to quilt this and see all the places he has been to that have Harley shops.
I have sliding doors that look out from my studio to my back yard, and it just eats at me if my yard needs tending and I'm quilting.
This is why I have a big yard, I have these two who like to run around, lay around and generally just hang out in the back yard.
Playing shy with the camera.
Please, can you get this cat off of me?  hehehe
I love my pets.
Have a great day! Oh, Go Canucks Go.  We are one win away from bringing the Stanley Cup to Vancouver. How exciting.  I'm talking  ice hockey, for those who don't know.


Linda C said...

Sending you big birthday wishes and hugs across the oceans.
We too are watching the hockey. Both my son's play it here in Aus!! They also wants Canucks to win.

liz said...

Happy Birthday! I love birthdays too. Your yard looks so nice. I don't usually follows ice hockey, but whenever it is mentioned on the news, I think of you glued to the telly. Have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Best Birthday wishes and birthday hugs from cold and rainy Sydney - your sunny yard looks so inviting!
Loved the pics of your pets taking full advantage of the newly mowed grass - such opportunists aren't they? I love my animals as well!

Sujata said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon!
Looks like you enjoyed every bit of the day!
I share my birthday with my younger son, so always busy celebrating that day with him.. But mother's day has been my favorite day to work in the yard and start the summer garden.
Your lawn looks beautiful!

julieQ said...

Happy, happy birthday to you!! I am so glad you had a good your pretty yard.

Kathie said...

Happy Happy Happy birthday to you! Yard looks great, I know what you mean I hate when I see something that needs to be done , I need to do it so I can sew the day away without any thing bothering me!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Me and My Stitches said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

Lori said...

Happy belated birthday Sharon!! I love watching the animals play. Your yard is lovely!!

Brandie said...

Happy Birthday Sharon!
That's a lot of grass to mow on any day, not just your birthday!

Exuberant Color said...

Yes the pop up box for comments is working now.

Louise said...

I want to wish you a very happy birhday, Sharon. Gosh your lawn looks so pretty, freshly mowed. The HD quilt turned out really well. Enjoy the remainder of your day and go easy on that lovely cake!!!

Sharon said...

Happy birthday!! It sounds like you had a lovely day. Love the pet pix!

Yep, getting older is OK - sure beats the alternative! And congrats on another year cancer-free - whoo hoo!!

Mimi said...

How did I miss this!!??? I hope you had an excellent day. Happy birthday a few days late.