Sunday, June 19, 2011


That's what blogging is without a camera.  One more week and then I'll have some things to post.  I've been working with some pinks, I've made a second Lib Log Cabin, my grape clusters with BTCT is in progress, I've worked on another very large customer quilt and I'm almost finished the applique project I made in Gwen Marstons workshop last month.
Now if only the sun would shine for more than an afternoon, my garden and flowers might grow.
Summer is a slower time for many bloggers, what with vacations, gardening, kids out of school so I don't feel too bad with my lack of posting.
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there, I had breakfast with my dad before he left for home, 5 hours away.


liz said...

Never mind Sharon. When that camera gets home you will have lots to blog about as well as plenty of pictures! We'll still be here.

Louise said...

I thought you went AWOL...missed seeing your posting...Let's try for another sew day if we can..Glad you got to have breakfast with your Dad..

Kathie said...

looking forward to seeing all that you have been accomplishing!
especially the quilt from the GWen Marston workshop