Saturday, July 16, 2011

Christmas in July

This smart piecer will be prepared for the holiday season, unlike a quilter I know *wink*.  I am always in the moment, but maybe my red & cream Pineapple Blossom will be finished for the Christmas season.

Speaking of that, Lori over at Humble Quilts has started down a Red &White path and I thought I might stroll with her.  I'm thinking a 9 patch on point; Kona Real Red and Natural may just be the ticket for this project.

I've got to keep my head down and focus on my longarm quilts for customers, that will be my priority these next few weeks.  Quilts come in spurts and I don't like having someone's top for very long.  This one belongs with the Christmas Applique, and they both will be heading back to Idaho this week. It's so pretty and feminine.
I managed to slip a table runner on my longarm inbetween these two quilts. Now to turn and hand sew the binding. I'm hoping to have it finished so I can gift it on Sunday.

I love this feathery pattern, it's one of my favorites.

I have a yard guy. Yup, my lawn is getting mowed by someone else.  He just shows up, mows and edges, picks up his money and shows up two weeks later.  That way, I can come home from work, head right to my studio and look out at my freshly mowed lawn and quilt guilt free.  Life is good!



Karen said...

The snowman quilt is adorable. I didn't realize that some of the blocks were snowmen at first until I enlarged the picture. Unusual snowman blocks. I have never seen a pattern for it.

Louise said...

Having seen this Snowman quilt in person I can say that your quiilting on it is fabulous! Have a great weekend ...

Janet O. said...

What a fun snowman quilt. Look at you--so prepared!!
I love your table runner!

Lori said...

You have a lot of fun stuff going on!! I jsut did a blue & white for someone that was a double nine patch on point which I think is a single Irish chain. Red and white would be perfect! LOL
I have my top done and am working on the borders.