Friday, July 22, 2011

Sneak Peek

Here are a couple of pictures of a very pretty quilt.  It's not mine......  :-(

She wanted it quilted with pink, that's all she asked.  We decided on x hatching as that is such a nice treatment for embroidered blocks.
I think the ribbon makes it so feminine.  The feathers were hearts at first, I slept on it, and then got up close and personal with my seam ripper.  Now there are feathers in the sashing, and I'm very happy with that decision.  Five minutes of quilting is a long time of unquilting, but sometimes you just gotta go with the best option. 
I'll post some full pictures when I'm finished.


Stray Stitches said...


Lori said...

Taht looks so pretty! It is fun to see some of your machien quilting.

Brandie said...

Very beautiful! Can't go wrong with feathers.

Belinda said...

Oh, it looks soooo soft and definitely VERY feminine!!!! I LOVE cross-hatch quilting too!!

Janet O. said...

It does have a very feminine feel. Perfect for this quilt! I guess you can be grateful you hadn't quilted more hearts before you decided on feathers!