Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mona's Quilt

I gave a sneak peek and here is the finished quilt.  I was working on it Friday night when I got a phone call from an old friend who was in town.  Her Fri night plans fell through and although we planned to meet up on Sat, I stopped quilting, jumped in my car and met her for tea.  There's never enough time when you visit with old friends.  Today she is heading east, as they start the return trip to Winnipeg and I hit the studio to finish this quilt.
 Its hard to see the quilting, as the fabrics are so soft and romantic.  I cross hatched the blocks, did a ribbon in the block border and feathers in the sashing.  The setting squares are cross hatched and a wavy line is stitched on the border.
 The outer border is done with a curly feather.
 All the pictures enlarge by clicking on them, here you can see the back and the border.

After taking this off my longarm and boxing them up to be returned, I did a little more on my Pink Ribbon

It's getting there. The pattern is 22 rows and I've got 6 all together and 6 more laid out. Over 1/2 way to the bottom!


Lori said...

Such a pretty quilt and the quilting is perfect for it.
Pink Ribbon is coming along nicely.

Janet O. said...

Your choices for quilting are a perfect match for the delicate look of this quilt.
I like what you have done with the Pink Ribbon so far.

Brandie said...

The quilting is beautiful!
And the pink quilt is coming along nicely, too!

Ann Champion said...

You've made such great choices for the quilting on this sweet, romantic quilt. A perfect compliment.

The pink ribbon quilt is coming right along too. It's looking good!

I'm enjoying your BTCT quilt too. It's gorgeous! :)