Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gal pals and other things

This is a post that could have happened a few weeks ago if I'd had my act together. This is what a day with a friend looks like. First stop, the local dairy. It was noon somewhere when our car made the sharp right into the parking lot. Chocolate Fudge and Coffee Express(?) in a waffle cone, what a great way to start the day. This is what a single looks like when you tell them "Whoa........That's enough"!

Next top, Calico Country quilt store. These are Paula's treats as I'm on a fabric diet. I've not been very successful with the food diet these days, but Paula has rocked in that department. At least my fabric stash didn't get any bigger on this day.

After the quilt shop we were off to the Spring Antique and Craft show at the NW Fairgrounds. There were so many delightful things to see and taste, but alas, many booths had "Please, No Photos". However, there was a gentleman selling these odd looking items. Although he has no idea what they were made or used for, he carts them around to all the shows and tries to sell them. They were found in an old barn in the town of Lynden, WA. They were covered with moss and dust and spiderwebs and other dusty surprises and he just couldn't resist purchasing them. If anyone knows what they may have been used for, please post a comment.
Do you know what these are???

I snuck this picture in, it was just so fun. I'm a sucker for the bright colors and unique ideas that crafters come up with. Fabric covered buttons with a magnet hot glued onto the back, what a great idea. Although I have yards and yards and yards, well, you know, of fabric, I would find it easier to purchase these pre-made. At least I wouldn't burn my fingers with the hot glue!
To top off the weekend, we decided to take a ferry ride to Lummi Island. Since neither of us had been there, we thought we would drive over and see what we were missing. There's not many places to pull over on the road that runs around the shoreline, so photos are scarce. We did chat with some weekend locals and got a bit of the history, it's a quaint spot, a fun way to spend a few hours on a nice day. After the drive around the island, lunch was in order. Creamy Avocado and Chicken soup to start and Lummi Salmon fish and chips to share for the main course! Delicious. Here is the view from the ferry lineup. This shot is of the coastal mountains to the north.

I've been working on my hexi's today, hope you get some time to work on your projects.
Happy Easter!

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