Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Sunday list is finished.

Sunday was the day to get up and get out of the house. My list of errands was building up and since I know myself and how easily I can get sidetracked with quilting, my mission was "up and out the door". Well, even the best plans can go sideways. It just takes a fresh pot of coffee, my 4 legged kids looking for some loving, and a tray of strips calling out "Sew me, Sew me!". Here is how I spent the first couple of hours doing errands.

OK, so then I got serious, gave the dog a few biscuits (that's her signal that she is not coming with me)and I headed out the door, new credit card in one hand and a list in the other!

First stop....
So many colors, so many styles, how was a girl to choose. So I didn't. It's a spring season full of color, and although I tried on all the pink, green, mango, and turquoise sandals, I do consider black, beige as colors.....and if the flip flop fits, buy it in two colors!

Grocery shopping was also on my to do list and the result of having food in my cupboards meant I could make myself a terrific home made dinner.....for 12 nights! The empty space was my dinner, yummmm, beef enchilada's with green sauce, made from scratch.

Sometimes it's fun to be a tourist in your own back yard, and Peace Arch National Park happens to be in my backyard. You couldn't ask for a nicer place, it's right on the ocean and the scenery is amazing. Once the flowers all start blooming I'll post more photos. For now it was the man made attraction that caught my eye. Here is some creative inspiration.
And for the gardeners out there who are struggling with dandelions, take note. Double dandy's, I've never seen these before, but beware, coming to a lawn near you!

Sew many things today....

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