Saturday, April 18, 2009

The cutest quilt I've seen.

My friend Mona sends me the most amazing quilts, every time I open a box from her there is always a surprise. This had got to be one of the cutest quilts that I have seen. I have no idea who's pattern it is or who created the technique for the center. I just know it is amazing. Once it's washed, the lamb will come to life and be one fluffy chenille lambikin. Is that even a word? Who cares, you all know what I'm saying. This quilt so tactile, the baby who gets to play around on this blankie is going to never want to give it up!
I'm always so thrilled to be a part of someone else's quilt. It is an honor that they choose me to help finish their projects, all around there is a little bit of me stitched into these amazing gifts that quilters spend so much time and money and love and energy on. Seeing so many different peoples work, and their ideas of color and design makes me a better quilter. It stretches my world, shows me diversity in projects and expands my comfort zone.
I just know the sweet little girl that curls up on this quilt will not want to let go of the chenille borders. When I was young and stayed at my Grandma's house, the chenille blanket was my favorite. Now this blanket resides on my guest bed, chenille and quilts just go hand in hand.And here is the back. Even with chenille, it's worth doing the quilting as it really does show up. How snugly is this going to be.

Put your face in the sun this weekend!

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KCQuilter said...

Thanks for stopping my blog! I have bookmarked yours and will return often. That lamby quilt is absolutely adorable and the quilting is stunning!