Friday, April 17, 2009

Learning something new.

This is a continuation of my last post, more pictures from M'Liss Rae's trunk show at Moonlighters Guild in Bellingham. Here she was showing some embellishing ideas. This one is great, she couched various items along her borders prior to attaching them to her quilt top. First, this made it easier to handle, and second you can audition your embellished borders prior to committing them to your quilt top. Experiment, think outside the box, play. You will surprise yourself with what you end up with. And remember, sometimes the map you lay out takes a few twists and turns, these can be the best adventures of allHere is a close up of the corners. Since she mitered the corners and it's abstract work, the lines don't match up. This adds to the design element of the finished project. I'm not sure what M'Liss used on this border, but it has the look of sequins. There are no sequins on this quiltMore ideas from M'Liss. Click on the photo for a close up look of her ideas. Does this make you go Hmmmm, I wonder what _______ (blank) would look like? Find something that inspires you, it's not always another quilt.
Love the fabrics used in this one, it's so bright and cheery. Click to enlarge to see more of her creative ideas.

Here is my "something new". I took a class from Janet W. in Lynden, WA She is an amazing hand appliquer and she has been designing patterns and creating samples this year. This was the first class she taught and it was excellent. Here is my started project. I have picked it up a few times since the class and I've almost done the hearts. I had never marked a background, but with the light box and the pattern, it was easy. My favorite marking pencil is a Prismacolor Verithin in silver.

Here is the Teacher's Sample. This piece was designed by Beth Ann Williams and is from the cover of one of her books. Wow, I just love Janet's color choices and border treatments. I am in complete awe of the work Janet does. She has taken many classes from Nancy Chong and she is currently working on a piece for an exhibit at LaConner Quilt Museum. I can't wait to see more of her work.

Carve out some time to sew this weekend,

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