Monday, April 26, 2010

Backyard Braggin'

This is my first summer in my new house and I've struggled to find people to work in my yard. No, I don't need my lawn mowed every 2 weeks for $40.  If I was going to spend $40 every two weeks on upkeep, someone would be scrubbing my toilets while I was out walking around in the grass and sunshine! After contacting 5 companies, and getting no return phone calls, I finally went out to the shop at work and recruited two young, strong men who were thrilled to work for extra money.

I printed off the instructions from Pioneer Woman's blog on how to build raised garden beds. I gave the instructions to the guys a week in advance. First mistake was thinking they would read instructions. I forgot about men and instructions. The instructions were excellent, and with PW writing them, there was lots of photos.  The guys arrived at 8:02 a.m, Wow, on time on a Sunday morning! I had all the wood pre cut, all the tools ready to go and after helping hanging around, I thought I best get back inside and quilt.  No sooner had I got into the rhythm of quilting when one of them came by for me to see the finished boxes.  I walked out, took one look and burst out laughing.  Then I said "so I guess you didn't read the instructions, and now that you have left over materials you are wondering what is going on?"  Yes, they admitted they didn't read the instructions, so my garden boxes were one board high instead of two boards high.  At least they brought the papers with them, so after looking at the pictures, they assured me they could fix this. And right they were.
Someone didn't do the correct math, (me) while at the Home Depot so I was short one board. I wanted 2 large beds 4 x 8, and one small. 4x4; so this is what I've ended up with.
The job still needs a bit more time invested into it. The compost bin is being torn out and I'm using all that for the beds but will still need to bring in a bit more dirt. Plus I need the gravel to go around all the beds. It looks so much better, it's cleaner and going to be easier to maintain. I've reduced the garden by at least 1/2 and that's a good thing. However, I'll be growing $10 carrots by the time I pay for this whole endeavor! ;-)
And while this was going on outside, I was inside doing this.
Don't you just love this quilt!
Alas, it's not mine, but I did get the pleasure of working on it for a few days, it sure cheered up my studio!
Muriel, it's back to you next weekend.


julieQ said...

Yes, it really is gorgeous, the quilt...and the back yard raised gardens too. Nice work, guys!

momma_donna said...

I love Pioneer Woman's blog. The raised bed frames look good. The quilt is really lovely too. Are you going to participate in the Paducah 9 Patch swap? I've spent hours making my blocks... I'm so slow at piecing, but it's still fun!

Joanna said...

The quilt is beautiful as is your quilting! And the garden beds - I am dying to make some for my back yard. It's a mess back there, and these are just what I need. I didn't know that the Pioneer Woman had instructions - I need to look them up!