Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let There Be Light

It's amazing what $110 and a boss with electrical knowledge can do for your sewing room. After he put this light in his wife's sewing room and I went over and saw it, I knew I had to have one. This was what my boss did for me after work yesterday.
There are no shadows now when I am pressing or cutting, the colors are so true and clean, I just love this. They are Daylight bulbs in this fixture and I'm sure I'll be wanting two more in my longarm room.
Look at the colors, no editing was done to this picture, just taken with my point and shoot digital.

Here is the result of the shop hop Deb and I did on Friday. Since I am trying hard to use up what I have, I decided to purchase only beiges while on the hop. I knew each store would have a wide variety to choose from, so I budgeted for each store. I know you don't have to purchase something every shop you stop at, but since this was a local hop, and I haven't been supporting the shops much this year, buying at all the stops worked for me. Now I have a nice variety to use in two scrap quilts that are works in progress.
Behind these stacks is a small piece, my first attempt at Liberated Stars.
Below is a "work in progress" that has hit a stumbling block. I love to applique and just don't know what to put in the pot! Well, flowers of some sort, but I'm just blocked with this project. I guess it will have to sit a while longer.
I'm ending this post with my binding picture, finally, I'm finished 800 inches of binding. Whew!
Both quilts are already packed in the car, ready to be delivered tomorrow afternoon. I sure hope I have room for everything, I'm taking the company pick up truck to bring home some furniture. I'll have room for that in the back, it's all the quilts that I'm taking with me!
Happy Easter to all, enjoy the celebration!

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julieQ said...

Happy Easter to you! Your nine patches are so pretty! Love that retail therapy, and you got some lovely fabrics.