Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quilt Show Winners

I spent the day Saturday with my gal pal Muriel. We met up at the Tradex center in Abbotsford for the Sewing and Quilting Expo. There was a lot to see and plenty of fabric and notions and gadgets to purchase. We both stayed strong and left the show with NO bags in our hands, and no, we didn't get purchases shipped home. ;-)
Here are photos of the winning quilts. I wish I could tell you the catagories, but it was a bit confusing, everyone was looking at the ribbons, and then trying to figure out which ones went in which catagories.
All pictures are clickable for closer viewing.

This one was chosen Best of Show
Machine pieced, appliqued, quilted with some hand quilting added around applique.
This is my quilt that is being donated.
My favorite, the quilting was well thought out and varied throughout the quilt.
Love the graphic nature of blk/wht/red.
Great use of color and batiks.

I stuck to my plan of continuing on existing projects, hence the lack of purchases.  There was plenty to get inspired by and I did go home and have a great evening of sewing.



Karen said...

The pink, red, & green medallion quilt is my favorite.

julieQ said...

I love them all...the black and white has a mistake in it? Is that on purpose, I wonder??

Sharon said...

hahaha, I didn't notice that, I guess I only looked at it close up! My guess would be it was an honest mistake and too much work to correct?