Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking for Opinions

As I've mentioned many times before, I'm really trying hard to work on existing projects, but the time has come to start a new top.  Not because I'm itching to move on to something new, but because my gal pal and I are taking a class to learn how to use Companion Rulers and Tri Rec rulers.  Here is the pattern we are going to be making. Traditionally it is made with 2 blues and white. But since I'm not traditional, and I'm currently working on a blue quilt, I'm trying to decide between two options.
This first one is bright and completely off track from the original design, but I thought the black, pink, and white would be great for the all over and then throw in the bright green and fuchsia in the two focus blocks for some punch.
Here is my second choice, green as the dark background, scrappy reds for the light and then the tan/creams for the light blocks. This might be nice for the holidays?
Either way, I have the fabric on my shelf for both color ways. This makes starting a new project ok in my books, at least I've not gone out shopping for the fabric. There will be left over pieces from this that can end up in a 54-40 top, so I'll end up with two tops in the same color way.
So let me know, which colorway would you like to see make up in this pattern?

Even though I've been on a fabric diet, I just can't kick the book addiction. Here are two new ones for my collection.....and there are a few more still in the mail.I love the books with the vintage quilts. I have so much respect for the art quilter and the pattern designers of our time, but really, the quilts in these books just make my heart sing!
And with this book, you can figure out any block pattern your heart desires. This is a must have for all quilters. The vast amount of block patterns are amazing.
Sew let me know what you think? In the pink or in the red?


susi said...

dear sharon ,i am for the red version,susi

Valentina said...

Dear Sharon, my heart skipped a beat in excitement seeing your first colour way, I think it will be so very surprising and fresh!
Although I am partial for reds, as you know, somehow the dynamic design tells me the pink and green will be an exciting quilt to make...
I have not forgotten you, and think of your latest mail very often. It has been a cherished source of encouragement and comfort as I have been going through my own little health struggles of late. I needed to say Thank you, Sharon, for being such an inspiration and example!

Karen said...

Although I don't normally use brights in my quilts, I would go with your first batch of fabrics.

Mimi said...

Well, my passion is red.

Exuberant Color said...

And I think both groups would work and would go for whichever makes your heart sing currently.

Library Gal Quilts said...

I love the reds, good luck! Or you could make two! Pam in Chico