Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pushing Paper

It's down to the crunch, my paperwork has been submitted to the accountant and now he needs the rest of it.  I knew it all wasn't there, it never is with me.  But rather than go to a lot of work sifting and searching, I decided to get an exact list of what I am missing, so now I have a target of what I'm looking for. I'll be fondling paper and not fabric this weekend.
But don't feel sorry for me, I went to a guild meeting last night and it seemed like a very good group.  My gal pal Muriel is a member and I'm taking a class with her next month.  It's a bit of a drive, almost an hour, but it's only once a month.  I just might take the plunge and join next fall.
Tonight I'm going to help my gal pal Lisa celebrate turning the big 40 and we are doing it here, at Frederico's However, in order for me to go there tonight, I needed to go here today! So I've just returned from Macy's, a big bag in hand and I'm now prepared to hit the town tonight. I just don't dress up anymore and did a little too much purging on the closets.
So much for pushing paper today. I've laced up my runners and am taking my dog out for a walk, it's just too nice to stay inside.
She needs fresh air and exercise too!
Sew for me this weekend.

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julieQ said...

Hope you had a wonderful time at guild! I just love tax time, don't you??