Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mail Call

This is an overdue THANK YOU to Carolyn.  She had a giveaway on her blog and I was the lucky winner.
Look at all the 30's goodness that she sent across the pond.
Not to make excuses for being so late in posting, but I wanted to try piecing some of these die cut apple cores to see how easy they really do go together.  Easy peasy.  Well worth it for the accuracy.
Not only did I get the pre cuts, she was so generous and included 4 FQ's.  Lucky me.  I tried to get the stamp in the photo, but it's so close to the color of the envelope.  I just love foreign stamps, and this one is a beauty, must be in recognition of Queen E's 60th Jubilee.  How amazing is that, I don't know of anyone else who's held the same job for 60 years!
Then this packet of goodness arrived at my mailbox.  Lavender soap, how wonderful it that!!  And a packet of postie's.  Lori, how did you know I used the last of my 'birthday' post its a few weeks ago.  I always have a packet in my sewing room, perfect for jotting down those quick measurements and ideas!
If you haven't been up to date on Lori's blog, Humble Quilts, it's worth popping over to see the posts on magazines, very interesting thread going on over there.
And I couldn't resist, Annie came and helped celebrate my 50th birthday.  She loves camping, begging for bacon at breakfast, some roast pork at dinner..........

I've taken some time this morning to wash my floors, what a silly thing to do with my time! But it had to be done. Not to worry, I loaded another quilt and it's ready to go, I'm going to have a coffee, catch up on some blogging goodness, Oh how I love the blogs, and then get to quilting, I'm making headway in the pile of customer tops.

Enjoy Fathers Day with all the men in your life, I have been blessed with the best Dad I could ever wish for, 77 years young and a going concern. I won't see him today, as he lives 4+ hours away, but I know my brother is taking good care of him today, they are fishing.



Lori said...

I hope you plan on celebrating for some time:)
I love the apple core quilt but it looks difficult.

Sharon said...

Ooo, fun mail stuff! That's always fun to receive. I love foreign stamps too.

The apple core looks like it's challenging to me. Did you machine piece them?

Looks like Annie really had the good life while camping!

Hope you had a good, productive day yesterday.

Barb said...

what fun mail, enjoy~
I still have a stack of apple cores to put together, but haven't decided how yet = machine piecing is a no for me, as I've tried it.