Sunday, June 24, 2012

Star Gazing

Well, I can't say I've seen the stars for quite some time, about the same time I last saw the sun. Oh, it peeks out once in a while, enough to tease you out to your patio, but then the thunder roars, the wind starts blowing and the rain comes pouring down.  Another grey day here in the NW. Thank goodness for all the color in our studios.
I've got both tops pieced from my stack of homespuns.

Both of these tops are 60 x 60, perfect size for gifts that are "just because".

Since both of these tops are going to live with other peeps, I am playing with the scraps and the one extra block, (how did that happen?) and make a throw quilt for myself.  The FQ's were a gift to me, so I'd like to have something for myself.

The fun of this is that I can make the blocks any size I want and work them all together, I'm also bringing in a star print for backgrounds as well,  it seems I have a lot of that fabric hanging around. Time to use it up!

I've reached the point where my messy sewing room gets the better of me and I need to tidy up. I have several WIPs on my cutting table and I know if they get put in a box, they may live in that box for months, so I've started finishing. This has been cut and waiting to be put together since March. Yes, these are the batiks from the last shophop. Since it's a Quilt as you Go piece, it's all done!  It just needs a label.

Bonnie Hunters Carolina Christmas mystery quilt from years ago is out on my table and my, does it have a lot of cutting and piecing. It's going to rock when it's finished though, because I have peeked to the end before I started.

That's enough for today, I'm off to load another customer quilt, slowly the pile is going down, I'll be shipping 2 or 3 off to Idaho tomorrow. All part of the master plan of cleaning my studio! Getting things finished!

Have you got something finished lately? Feels great, doesn't it?



Angie said...

I love this stars of these days I'm going to make me some wonky stars. :)

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

You are being sooooo productive! Your star tops are going to be great gifts when you quilt them and get them all gussied up! Just like that s-w-e-e-t tablerunner you finished!

I've had my block lotto stars I won up on my board this week playing around with them too, but I'm sewing on another top as I look and ponder how to arrange my stars!!

Sorry to rub it in but it's sunny and VERY hot here today. Me and Goober dog are inside taking it cool and easy!!

Karen said...

I like how some of the stars have smaller stars within. Lots to look at. It makes your eyes move round the quilt.

Lori said...

Love the star quilts!! Glad you'll have one for yourself.
Time for me to go clean my sewing room before I leave town. It's a mess!

Mimi said...

Love, love, love your stars. I am just getting back from retreat and once I recoup I will post pictures on what I did accomplish. It's not as much as I would have liked, but I am feeling motivated now. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

Kathie said...

oh I love the star quilts very nice gifts , so glad your making one for yourself too!
sorry its grey and rainy there, but here its been so hot I would love grey and rainy and cool!

Janet O. said...

I, too, could go for some rainy, cloudy days. Trade?
I love your homespun stars! And I am happy to see you pull something together for you from the leftover pieces!
Your batik table runner is very cool and pretty. I've never tried doing QAYG.
I am trying to do some finishing, but no matter how many I finish it seems I have enough starts to keep things from progressing well. : )

taylorsoutback said...

The stars are classic and would please anyone who receives a quilt from you.

That tablerunner pattern is great - have made a number of them & I agree with you - it's done quickly with the quilt as you go method.
Pretty batiks!

Louise said...

Well little girl you have certainly been busy! I finally finished my first of the group I am in and pieces #1 & 2 are also pieced and waiting to be you I am trying hard to FINISH......the stars are wonderful! You have not slowed down a bit! Thanks for the quilt show online by the way.

Barb said...

are these great star quilts! the plaids look so great on the light background.
Whoever is lucky enough to get these will love them!!

Valerie said...

Love those stars - what great gifts they will make. I'm jealous of the recipients! Cannot wait to see your Carolina Christmas complete...I've just started an obsession with Bonnie's quilts!

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

Sharon said...

Oh, I love your star quilts! They are just wonderful! What fabric did you use in the background? I really like the warm look of it.

Your tablerunner is a beauty! I have yet to try QAYG.

Great way to clean up the studio - finishing projects! What a novel idea! hahaha! You are right - a finish feels sooo good!