Friday, June 29, 2012

Now What?

I need some input. I have not studied any vintage string quilts so I'm at a loss with this. I started stringing my neutral scraps, then cut the star points and now I have this.
So what's next? I would love some direction from those who have been stringing for awhile. Do I set it with a solid? Nifty Quilts? Bumble Beans? Tonya at Lazy Gal? Hello?? Anyone??
I don't have many pictures to reference this type of work, which makes me ponder why I've had such a fixation with strings lately.

Anyhow, I'm wide open to ideas and suggestions.


Janet O. said...

Since I'm not a stringer, I don't really have advice, but what you have made looks good. I'll be interested to see what advice you get from the "experts". : )

Janet said...

I have done a few string blocks that haven't growm up to be a quilt yet. Mine weren't as soft as yours but I set them on plain red. I've seen another one done on a plain blue but I haven't seen any on prints yet.

Mimi said...

I have no advice for you, but the star is beautiful and the good thing is that you are using up stash which in my book is a good thing.

Sharon said...

I think your star looks super! I love the neutrals - very soothing and calm. Based on what I've seen, most string stars are put onto a solid ground. But I don't know why you couldn't do something else instead! Dots, shirting print, whatever suits your fancy!

I did some research for you! I have some great books that show string stars, but that's hard to share with you. So here's some web sites that have some string star photos:

a Pinterest page with lots of vintage/antique quilts

Kate's blog that shows some string stars

And Tim Latimer's blog with lots of string stars

And lastly, you can go to Google images and search for antique string star quilts. I found some good ones that way!

Good luck! Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it will be as gorgeous as all of your work!

Kathie said...

hmm I might be tempted to use a print and the stars would pop I bet...
guess the best way to see if just keep auditioning fabrics.
I do love the red though....
red is one of my favorite colors !

MJinMichigan said...

I have some antique string stars like yours and their background is a bright chrome yellow print which looks great. I've also seen them with solids. Both look good so I would suggest auditioning fabrics of both type and choose whatever you like best.