Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Too Much Fun??

Blogger must be telling me something. I've tried to upload weekend pictures 3 times now, I give up. I guess Blogger couldn't handle all the fun that was had on my bday weekend. We had a blast!
Here it the top that got put together before I left. 12" blocks, 60 x 60 Liberated Stars. One together, one more to go.

I love how these homespuns sewed up. The background is Moda Piecrust. There are many shades of the same color, I think this one is color 55.

My quilting time is being spent on customer quilts, I delivered two before I left, shipped one off today, and loaded up another one tonight.

(imagine picture of patio furniture here)

Life is good! ....but has anyone seen spring or summer yet? I got patio furniture for my birthday and I want to sit out on my deck and enjoy my yard....rain, rain go away...



Janet O. said...

That is such a fun quilt! Love it!
Summer? It is in Utah. We hit 90 degrees in May--unheard of in Northern Utah, and we are currently enjoying weather in the 80s. You can come sit on my deck! : )

Kathie said...

looks great, Pie crust is my favorite color too
its such a great background fabric for pieced or appliqué quilts I hope they never stop printing it!!!

Karen said...

I had a note on my calender here at the computer to wish you a happy birthday on the 11th. It would help if I had looked at it! A very happy Jubilee birthday a bit late!

Lori said...

Welcome home you 50 year old! lol
This week low 70's all week...beautiful spring weather. I guess summer will hit with all its fury. Love your wonky stars.

Louise said...

I would love to be 50 again! If i have any sunshine over here I will certainly send it right over to you. Love pie crust, in all shades!

Brandie said...

Wonderful colors! I love it.
Thank you for the info on that beige. Once again you have inspired a fabric purchase.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Too funny! My design wall looks JUST LIKE YOURS!!! Last night I got out my block lotto winnings from a while back and they are stars like yours. I played around a little with them but nothing is speaking to me yet!

I like that Moda background color for sure!!!

Happy belated birthday!!!

Jan said...

Love those stars & that background choice!

Barb said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!
I'm imaging you enjoying your new furniture - hope the sun comes out soon!

taylorsoutback said...

Summer is definitely here in Northern Wisconsin - at least somedays - then again, we had frost a few nights ago...what a roller coaster. I said "tough" - and brought the patio furniture out...just need to find time to sit on it.

Love your stars - and that background is one of Moda's best ever. The kind you want bolts of in your stash.