Friday, November 30, 2012

A Great Swap

I'm sure many of you can relate, someone wants a quilt and wants to make a trade.
 They have no idea of the hours or money that goes into a quilt. I've swapped out piecing for longarm quilting when I needed a stack of tops for quilting samples.  I'm very hesitant to enter into a trade with quilting but my co worker/neighbor has been making some amazing bird houses and I really wanted one.  And then their first Great Grandson came along and I thought I'd offer a trade.

The mom wanted brights, race cars or motorcycles, she mentioned blue, orange, purple as colors.
 This fabric was perfect for the quilt.  I love Churn Dash blocks, especially for baby quilts.  I make 12 blocks with bright solids and then found this great stripe for the binding.  I used up all the print fabric for the back and added a strip of the orange in the center of the back.
And this was my trade!  Annie's Ale House.  The bird house has two levels for nests, holes in the front and the sides, and a big back door to clean out the birdhouse at the end of the season. It's about 2 feet high and is fabulous.  My friend has made many of these with a western theme.  They have Maxwell's  Dry Goods and The Franklin Inn. 

Yes, they have two dogs, Franklin and Maxwell, and my dog is Annie. I'd say this was a very fair trade.
Annie's Ale House

I've got it stored in my garage until February and then they are going to help me build a perch for this in my back yard.



Janet O. said...

Very cute quilt, Sharon. I, too, love churn dash blocks. Made my youngest grandson a Dr. Seuss churn dash quilt a while back. This quilt sings!
And yes, I'd say this time the trade was well worth it. What a birdhouse!!

Kathie said...

Omg what a great trade I think you both won!
the birdhouse is just amazing and I love, love the churn dash quilt

Karen said...

I'd say it was a good trade. I don't have room for something like that but so admire the houses. They can be made in such a variety if you have the tools and talent to create them.

Mimi said...

I remember your talking about this trade a while back. I love bird houses (actually anything to do with birds since I own a cockatied), and I have to say that this birdhouse is absolutely adorable. I think the trade was well worth it AND she is getting an adorable quilt in return. I think you did good!!

Louise said...

I too remember you mentioning this trade. Looks like a win win situation! Cute quilt and adorable bird house.

Lori said...

OMG! That bird house is so wonderful!! Sometimes bartering is a great thing!!

Nifty Quilts said...

Great quilt! I love churn dash blocks too. Lovely birdhouse! I'm glad you're happy with the trade. I did a trade once, for a hand-knit sweater. I had the quilt finished in a month. The sweater took 3 years!

Linda O said...

Annie's Ale House is wonderful! What a win-win! Cute, cute churn dash quilt!