Saturday, November 3, 2012

Waaaay Behind JT2

For those of you doing the Just Takes Two much is what our group up in the NW is doing.  These first three photos are from last month, V is doing hers all in different black/whites and it's amazing.
Carol is doing hers in pink and brown solids.  She has been doing a lot of embroidery on her blocks and she has also reversed the values on her quilt.  Where the pattern calls for white, she is using brown, and pink for the red. 
This photo shows how one pattern made in the reverse values can look so totally different.  I love this block, I could see a whole quilt made out of it.
I was doing the walk of shame today, my only movement from last month to this month was four checker board strips.  Here is K's blocks, scrappy reds with embroidery.  Both K and M used the same red for the Celtic Knot appliqued block and it's perfect for this piece.  The top right block is K's addition to the pattern, she is using this block instead of one of the sail boats. I'm thrilled to see everyone putting their own stamp on this pattern.
C arrived saying, "I haven't got the wedding ring block done"  I replied, "I haven't even seen the wedding ring pattern!"  She is ticking right along, staying on task and will have all the blocks done when the last pattern is released.  What a difference the embroidery makes on her blocks.
I love the embroidery on the lone star block, it's perfect!
M has also gotten busy, she told me she was back at this after taking the summer off, but I didn't realize how much she had gotten done.  I'm impressed AND I'm a lot smarter now because of her blocks. 
Look at how she addressed these blocks.  This was done with fusible applique, but the biggest thing is that she cut the red out all in one piece.  What a smart cookie, talk about thinking outside the box.
Another one piece applique.....
and another.  This one M reversed as she did not want the shadowing of the red showing through the white.
and another one piece applique.  I was so thrilled to learn this from M today.  I know exactly how I'll be cutting out my blocks.  That's the beauty of quilting with a group, someone always steps up to the plate with a new idea or technique or tool or trick.
And since I did the walk of shame, I got busy tonight when I got home.  My lone star is put together along with my strip of bow ties.  I pulled out my applique supplies and I will be doing M's method on my blocks and hope to get a few more done tomorrow.
What have you learned lately?  Any new tool you wouldn't want to give up!

Staying focused will result in finishes.  Our group is going to skip December and January meetings.  All the patterns should be published by Dec 15.  We shall meet again in February to share any issues or ideas and will wrap up this group in March.  I hope to see everyone either finished or very close to finished on their top.  It's been a great journey with this group and the monthly meetings have definitely been an asset in keeping me on task.  Hmmmmm, what can we start in April on the first Sat of each month?



Janet O. said...

I love seeing the variations on this theme!
I'm also reassured that I did the right thing in NOT taking on this project. I'm sure I could never have kept up and then I would have given up. But I love what I see everyone else doing. That is so clever, the way you are making those blocks all in one piece.

Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

These are all so beautiful! Great work! What pattern is this? Congrats on beautiful progress!

Mimi said...

Thank you for sharing your show-n-tell. It was wonderful to see. You'll be caught up in no time.

Louise said...

Sharon, I am almost sorry I decided to not do this with the group. I can see now how it would have kept me on task and it certainly would have been good to have the support amd encourgement of the group. Shame on me. Kudos to all of you completing it!

Lori said...

This has been a hard one to stay up on, Sharon. Nice you have a group to help motivate each other. I finished my last group last night.

Kim said...

I am hopeless behind but I know I will finish this one as time allows.
I can't wait to see it done!
I wonder if I can get a group together to work on these, that sure would make it so much more fun!

thanks for sharing and Happy Sewing

Linda O said...

All the different versions are gorgeous! Great job perservering - great to have a group to keep you on track and motivated.