Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Today was the big day.  I put my Beyond the Cherry Tree into a box and handed it over to the USPS.  Now that's living on the edge, right?  I've sent it to Bellwether Dry Goods to do the marking.  This baby is way too big for me to tackle that job.  After pondering many ideas, I've gone with 3/4" x hatching through the blocks and then angle lines in the borders.  I stuck with very traditional quilting for this one.

I've made headway with customer quilts, I'm on the last one that needs to be returned before Christmas. The quilting has been started, the binding is made and I'm confident I'll have these last two in the mail Dec. 3.

My Sandy quilts are still "in progress". One has been returned from my friend who did the quilting on it, I've got it trimmed and have started pinning the binding. This one needs quilting and I will have these in the mail before Christmas.

My blog has been a bit dull lately, doing quilts for others, prepping for hand applique, and doing hand quilting makes for a boring blog. Once I start doing the applique, I'll have some pretty blocks to post.



Lori said...

Very brave! I'm a little jealous!! I'm spending most evenings quilting on my BTCT and am enjoying it.
I look forward to seeing your applique.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Congratulations on your finishes!!

Janet O. said...

BTCT is such a beautiful quilt--can't wait to see you get that one finished up. Is it a keeper or are you gifting it?
So good of you to do quilts for Sandy victims.

Karen said...

I didn't know you could send a quilt top off to be marked for you. What kind of tool do they use for the marking?

Mimi said...

First your header quilt. I didn't know either that you could send a quilt off to be marked and I think once you finish this quilt that it is going to be fabulous. Good for you for making some hurricane Sandy quilts. That will be very rewarding. Can't wait to see your latest applique quilt.

Tonya Alexander said...

Love your new header Sharon! Happy Holidays indeed!