Thursday, February 21, 2013

Americana Flavor

It helps to push the 'Publish' button if you want your post to actually be seen by others. Good grief. OK, so this was my beginnings of, yes, another new start. I've told you all before, I love a good start. Pie Crust for backgrounds and a nice variety of reds and blues. Not all are C.W. but most are.
Here are some of the blocks so far. I've made 3 of each pattern, they finish at 6", and each pattern is all the same fabric. Lots of different techniques are suggested in the pattern and I've added a few of my own.

Once I get the top together, I'll share all the details of this or you can pop over to Candices' blog and see her version. It's not my pattern, but off the top I don't have the name/link to post. While I've been working on this, I've also had stacks of my cheddar/cream Ohio stars sitting by my machine and have been using them as leaders/enders. At last count, 50 of the 81 star blocks are pieced, whoohoo!
I've been picking away at the last leaves on my Joy of Life applique, packing it to work, getting a leaf sewn down here, one there, all working towards a finished top.  Finally, I've been making 1/2 sq tri's for a swap at the end of this month, Lee @ Two Thimbles is organizing this one.

Hope you get some sewing time in this week.


Louise said...

Love that collection for the new project..I spy some Jo's in there. Really like the piecrust for backgrounds.

Janet O. said...

And this looks like a very good start! : )

Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Ahhh, so beautiful!

Kathie said...

oh I love this quilt I saw it on a blog and thought I have to get that pattern ...
it would be great to hang in the window on all the patriotic holidays.
love pie crust fabric....
keep going great fun fabrics you chose.