Sunday, February 10, 2013

JT2 Group Wrap

The first Sat of the month has been a meeting day for a group of us who started working on JT2. Thinking I would stay motivated and on track if I was accountable for the group, well, lets just say is was good in theory. The patterns kept coming and coming, they were paper pieced, they were challenging, they were appliqued. I just couldn't find a rhythm with this BOM. February was our wrap up meeting so I pulled out my JT2.  Yes, that is the dust I had to clean off before I left home. head hanging in shame

Carol not only got hers all together, she also did all the embroidery and then some.

I'd like to tell you she doesn't have a life.....but I'd be lying.

She works f/t, did all the applique by hand, has a house, yard, DH, and a family.
Goodness, I could get some pointers from her on how to stay on task.

Look at the propellers, she even put a tiny bead on this block. She truly made this her own way!

Then Cheri put her version on the way.  WOW, the red and white contrast really is stunning.

She did machine applique and on some blocks did contrasting stitching.  This really added to her top.

Love how this block turned out, a perfect way to sidestep hand piecing curves.

Cheri used one white print and one red print in her top, great job!
Verna is working in scrappy black and whites.  So far she has this put together. Fabulous!

There are a lot more blocks ready to go into her top, she had them out on the table for us to admire.  Don't you just love that basket block in the front.
She chose to do all her flying geese in the same polka dot print, that really keeps the whole project together.
What a variety of prints in this.  Who knew there were so many out there!
V also added some embroidery to her top.  We also auditioned some border choices for her.  The last one was a red stop border and some type of black with white print.  We were all confident she would be able to find something to fit the bill.  She is gifting her quilt to her brother.  (I can say that, cus I doubt he reads my blog)

Well, that's the end of the group.  We had 8 regular attendee's, 2 and 3/4 tops finished, and the other four are still working away on their project. OK, the other 5, I will get to work on mine, soon.


Mimi said...

Beautiful. Makes me "kind of" sorry that I didn't follow through on this quilt. You are just going to have to keep in contact with these gals to keep you motivated. If you love it enough, you will get it done.

Louise said...

Congratulations to those with the dedication..this is a huge undertaking. Sharon I have no doubt you will see your's to the finish!

Lori said...

Your group did so good at staying on task!! The quilts are beautiful!

Janet O. said...

Wow, those are incredible. I really like the light colored embroidery on the brown background--so striking!
I would be totally intimidated about now and probably bury my box in more dust. I hope you have more backbone than I do! : )