Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday Appliques

The 3rd Sat of every month a group of fellow appliquer's all meet at Fabric Etc for our Applique Society meeting.  There is always a lot of ooh's and ahh's and this month was no exception.
First up was Karen.  She's been doing all this embroidery throughout the winter and has now got all the blocks together.
 Certainly a WOW moment in Show and Tell. This has all bias edges so she has staystitched all around it to help keep it flat, straight and square, the goal of all our quilts.  She asked if I know of a quilter who would quilt it and I replied, I think you should hand quilt it.  That was the consensus of the group, so now Karen has a new trick to learn! Beautiful work.
 Next up was Anita, and she told me this piece was all my fault.  I did a mental check and I'm thinking, "I have no idea what she is talking about"  Then she explained she went to my blog, which linked her to Humble Quilts, which linked her to The Painted Quilt and she found Kaaren's blog and couldn't resist.   I'm sure you can all see how this was my fault. *wink*
 Finally, I'm sharing Cheryl's work.  She is working on a quilt inspired by The Bird of Paradise, aka The Civil  War Bride quilt aka A Bountiful Life

Look at the tail on this bird, it's fabulous.  Cheryl is working this all from batiks and is doing an amazing job.  I always learn and get inspired when I see her work. That's the beauty of a group like this!
After our meeting wrapped up, Anita stayed and participated in my Hand Quilting class.  All the ladies were zooming along after about an hour.  The trick to hand quilting is to hand quilt, no shortcuts or quick tips, just rock the needle, relax and enjoy the process.

Did you learn something new this weekend? Please share....


Janet O. said...

Some incredible stuff, but the batik applique is definitely my fav!

Karen said...

The one block with the bird and leaves.....the leaf fabric with the wavy lines is just perfect!

Sharon said...

Looks like you had lots of fun and inspiration with your applique pals! All of their work is wonderful, but those last two blocks of Cheryl's are such a great example of making your fabrics work for you!

How cool that you're teaching a class! Whoo hoo!