Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Suprises by Mail

These are the only snowmenpeople I will see this winter. First up, Mrs Snowperson and all her babies peeking out from behind. I bet they were looking to see if the sun was coming out to get them! This goodie arrived in my mailbox in January, I've been keeping it all to myself, but knew I had to share the goodness with everyone else. It's so darn cute. You'd have to ask Faye at Mimi's Passions where the pattern came from.
This lovely block was also in the envelope. Won't it be the perfect center for a medallion styled quilt? I've got lots of pinks to add to this super block. Stripes and florals, perfect combo.

This long tall snowman arrived just before I left for my Christmas vacation. Norma (no blog)sent this to me. The pattern is from the new Primitive magazine. Lots of super cute patterns in this publication, check it out.

Norma used vintage buttons for down his front. They are metal with enamel and are really pretty, they came from her great aunts button box. I feel so special that she shared these with me.

From one quilter to another, I really think we appreciate quilty gifts more than the general public. What do you think?


Karen said...

I agree. Someone that makes quilts or other hand made items know the amount of time and thought put in to creative a gift for someone. The snowman quilt with the little ones peeking out is adorable. And the skinny tall snowman is one I meant to make and haven't done it.

Lori said...

Some non quilters can and do really appreciate what quilts mean, but mostly quilters appreciate them more:)

Janet O. said...

Definitely. I am sometimes hesitant to give a quilty gift to a nonquilter. I don't know if they will appreciate it--or respect it, really.
Love the snowmama with her babies!!

Kathie said...

adorable snowmen/mama/babies!
really cute. ah yes seeing lots of them on lawns the past few days :)
enjoy them a wonderful gift

Barb said...

what cute snowmen quilts!
what wonderful freinds - enjoy