Friday, October 21, 2011


A few weeks ago the Cranberry Festival was celebrated in a little touristy town called Ft. Langley in BC It sits right on the Fraser River and has a lot of history to it. My girlfriends decided to spend the afternoon wandering through all the vendor booths instead of pulling weeds from their gardens. I've known the girls in the middle since grade 2 and 4. We were the Three Muskateers all throughout elementary school. As one of them says, we know too much about each other to not be friends! After 40+ years, I suspect we do know a lot about each other!
The internet has opened up a whole new world of friends. Blogging and quilting seem to go hand in hand and I feel blessed to be able to do both, even though blogging has moved lower down on my to do list this past while. I sent off a box of scraps and look what I got in return!
All kinds of German Christmas goodies. Now the Dr has recently told me "no coffee, no chocolate, limit alcohol and no red wine" I asked if I should bother getting up the next day :-) I couldn't resist these little Santa's. German chocolate is so good. Thank you Susi!
Hope you all have some surprises in your mail this month.


Janet O. said...

I guess that means you all have your passports and no one had to be smuggled into the country. Sorry, that isn't funny, but my MIL is from Canada and there is still a lot of family there. It seems crazy the last few times we have visited to have to show our passport. Whatever. Looks like a fun day out with friends.
What a package! I agree--German chocolate is yumm!!
My daughter did a semester abroad in Austria a few years ago and aside from some hand-carved nativities, she mostly brought back chocolate!!!

liz said...

What a nice story. Friends are so important.