Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quilting Update

Here are a few pieces I've done on the Longarm lately
MB's quilt here, I've never seen this pattern before,
this was fun to quilt.  I quilted a feathered star for the tree topper, it didn't show much in the photo, but was a fun touch to this piece.
BASICS top has now been quilted.
Love all the colors in this piece.
I've farmed out the binding to one of my gal pals who wanted to help the cause.  Have you got a quilt for BASICS?  Winter is coming and this is such a great place to donate to.
Thanks to Irene, she sent me two tops. One down, one to go.  With help from bloggers and my friends, I'll get to my goal of 5 quilts for BASICS by Thanksgiving!  US thanksgiving, that is..........hehehe. 

Happy Turkey Day to all my Canadian friends!  I'm heading north for turkey on Sunday, I get the best of both celebrations, because I'll do dinner all over again in Nov!


Janet O. said...

Love that Christmas tree quilt. It is a new one to me as well.
I love the bold graphics and bright colors of the BASICS quilt. Sure to be appreciated and brighten someone's day as it warms them. As temps drop the need for these quilts is more real.
Enjoy the first stage of your dual holiday. Though my MIL is from Canada, I've never thought to celebrate twice. Good idea, if someone else is doing the cooking and cleaning on one of them. : )

doris batting said...

really love the basics quilt colours
it should be a good gift for someone

liz said...

The feathered star looks good. I never realized that Canadians have a Thanksgiving. Must google it.

Karen said...

The tree is an unusual design. I like it a lot.