Thursday, October 13, 2011

Surprise Quilt

Since moving to the US, I've come to realize how serious people take their football.  And not just any football, the college level seems to have avid fans that support the team through the good and the bad. 
I go to Monday Night Football at the local pub.  Not to watch the game, but to visit and have a few with friends, watch them all try to win the football toss and cheer when someone wins a prize.
This customer has a DH who is obviously a Bronco's fan and is he ever going to be surprised when he gets this gift.
That's Boise State Broncos.
Bronco Nation!
I think he's gonna love this!


liz said...

I've been watching "Friday Night Lights". I know what you are talking about. Great applique job and nice quilting.

Janet O. said...

Bonnie Hunter's hubby is a Boise State grad--and a fiercely loyal Bronco fan.
Until this year our local university was in the same conference with Boise State. We creamed them in basketball and they returned the favor in football. Their fans would overrun our little city on game days--school flags flying from car tops, and horns honking. Did you know that the artificial turf in their football stadium is blue? Fondly known as the Smurf Turf.

Barb said...

I'm sure he will!
great job and wonderful quiltling

Anonymous said...

Sharon, this is Dave Hunter, Bonnie's husband. I was reading her blog this morning and saw your reply about something to do with the Bronco's. So it took me a little bit but I finally found your blog and now see the quilt. You did a wonderful job with the quilting on the quilt. I am a super duper BRONCO fan and love to see things like this. I wish I could get someone to make me something like that. HINT HINT:)
Maybe I can get the customer that made this one to do another one. I will pay too!!! Anyway you made my day by putting this quilt out there enjoy! GO BRONCOS. Janet must be a fan of USU. We don't do as well in Basketball as you guys. Have a great day.

Janet O. said...

Not that Dave will be back to see this, but yes, I am a USU grad and fan. We don't do as well in football as you guys, but we are getting better!

Sharon said...

Love all these comments! What fun!

This is a fantastic quilt - a great design, very graphic, strong and striking. And your quilting is super! (as usual)