Saturday, October 29, 2011


Since I'm an office worker bee Monday to Friday, here is how I spend most of my weekends. I have a good routine. I ponder all the design elements and work with my customer during the week. I get the quilt all set up and on Saturday morning, I make my cup of tea, put on my comfy shoes and head downstairs to my studio. Note I didn't say I got dressed. Yup, I'm a pajama quilter.
This sweet quilt has gone back to it's owner, ready to be gifted out for a very special baby girl.
I love the final look of template work, but geez, I'm getting old.  I can only do so much and then I have to break for a bit.  I doubt I'd offer this type of quilting on a large piece, but for baby quilts, I just couldn't resist.
This is my current project.  It's for the same customer, and maybe for the same baby?  I'm not sure.
Again, with all the ruler work going around the applique I have to switch it up.  So I'm just on a break to stretch out, change my stance, move around and refresh my tea.
I just posted to say a quick hello to my readers, I have been slack in responding to your comments, sorry. I do love them and I am thrilled if you take a minute to comment.  I'll really try to be better, I'm almost finished winterizing my yard.
Hope you get to stitch something this weekend.


Janet O. said...

I don't think I would ever want to get out of my jammies, but people just keep ringing my doorbell and I feel like I have to be dressed to answer it. : )
These are very fun quilts for the little one, and your quilting is beautiful. I can imagine that I would have to take frequent breaks from such a task.

Sharon said...

Oh wow, these are both wonderful examples of your gorgeous quilting! Yes, you need to pace yourself. And I love that you quilt in your jammies. It's supposed to be more fun than work, isn't it? I love the flowers quilt - bright, happy colors and that background quilting is awesome. And, as always, I love your feathers.

Hey, we understand about being slow sometimes. Life happens to all of us. I haven't done well on blogging lately, and I've sure missed it.

Mimi said...

Both of those projects are just too cute.