Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Finish

I'm working my way through my customer quilts. This top has been keeping me busy since last week. With my sore knee, sore toe and a kink in my neck, I can only work at my longarm for a few hours at a time.

Note to piecers: Do not scallop the edge of your top until it's quilted.  M was told this after she had already cut the outside edge.
I love this collection of fabric,
I have bolts of a black/white/pink collection.
I even have a pink/blk/white Storm at Sea cut out and in a box.
I could pull this out and get to work on it.
Or not.
It's such a privilege to quilt for other people.  I've got one more to do for M, it's loaded on the machine and I shall get busy on it this week.

Here is my finish.  The last of my paper piecing blocks that I prepped a few weeks ago.  Yes, the precision from p.p'ing is lovely, but good lord, I'm glad I made this block at home.  My potty mouth probably would have got me banned from the quilt shop.
Now to tear out the paper on my stack of blocks, I've got The Closer taped, and this is the perfect task for sitting in front of the t.v.



Nancy said...

Love the quilting on this quilt. I have the same long arm as you but for some reason mine can't seem to produce these fantastic results.

Louise said...

Your quilting is stunning Sharon. Your paper piecing looks spot on to me. Did you put cotton in Annie's ears?

Janet O. said...

I actually took a class once that focused on borders and the instructor made it very clear that if your edge is scalloped, you mark the scallop, but DO NOT CUT until AFTER the quilting. It made an impression on me. : )
Your quilting is very nice. I wish you could sit by me and help me decide what design to use on each quilt. Oh, that stumps me, and you always seem to know what will look nice.
Very good job on the JT2 block. I'm glad we were spared the language in which you did it. : )

Ariane said...

The quilting is beautiful!! I love the fabrics in the quilt too. So feminine and elegant!!

Brandie said...

Beautiful quilting! It really makes that quilt sparkle

KarenQuilt said...

LOL! Love your down to earth honesty, Sharon! I haven't seen a lot of black and white and pink put together like that. Very striking. And Beautiful quilting! Thank you for following my blog. When I began studying quilt history in 1981 (as well as learning to do a little quilting), there was so little published in the way of quilt history. Today there are so many books I can't keep track of them anymore---over 500 alone relating to quilt history. But what fascinates me the most and brings the most excitement are the thousands and thousands of blogs that quilters today are writing. Not only have we entered a new era of quilt history. We have entered a whole new era of women's history!! Keep up the good work on both accounts!