Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No News is .......

just that. No news. I've got to focus on my borders, (are you all just sick of hearing me talk about these borders?) But since I've committed by dating the center of the quilt, I don't want to risk not finishing this top by years end.

No, this isn't something new, I was just playing around with a bag of 1/2 sq triangles. I can see some applique going on the corner squares, if this ever makes it to a top.

My work and social life are busy for the next while. I'm out of town this week, have company when I get back, and then I'm out of town again. Plus we are rolling out a new job at work and I'm helping out in the training. It may mean a few shifts through the middle of the night. Ouch!

So....I'm going to take a bit of a blogging break. Showing my appliqued borders again and again, well, I'd rather not bore you.

If you are going to be up in the NW Washington area, there is going to be a great exhibit in Bellingham. You can read all about it here.


Lori said...

Looking wonderful!! I was going to try and go to Bellingham this weekend, but am passing on it an will attend at a later date. It's going to be great!

Janet O. said...

Bellingham, huh? My niece, who has lived in Texas for years, is here visiting on her way to live in Bellingham. Too bad I can't fit in her luggage.
Good luck in all you have going on for the next little while.

Kathie said...

enjoy your trips and company and a blog break sounds good :)
love the look of this quilt....