Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Was Looking for a Book

Today was the day I was going to find a book I have been looking for. It's in my house, I know that much. All I want are 3 letters to make my initials for my BTCT last border. I know the book is here. In the meantime, I started cleaning and sorting and opening bags and boxes. I wasn't expecting to find the book in them, I was curious as to what was tucked away in them. First I pulled out these.
20 vintage Dresden Plate blocks I bought on ebay. Remember that slippery slope I fell down a while ago? I don't look on ebay anymore. I digress....the plates certainly look vintage, but someone has stitched them onto a poly/ctn poplin type fabric, so I started unsewing them. Whoever did this was going to make sure these plates never came off the background. I got 2 removed and gave up.
Today I decided they should just all get sewn together, add a border and call it a finish. I don't have to love it, I can donate or gift it, but I do need to keep it on my list of projects to work on.
Then I found these four blocks, all folded up and tucked between a few trays of strips on my thread cabinet. They were from a class I was teaching, oh about 7 or 8 years ago. Since putting 4 blocks together is less work than 20 blocks, I started on this. Decided it needed some type of sashing, pulled out the solid blue, perfect! Cut strips and trim to the right length, perfect. The last little bit off the strip went to the center 9 patch. Then it needed a border. Since the print is directional, I contemplated how to cut the borders. I pondered this and decided this is going to be a table cloth, so I put all the prints going from the center out. Blocked the corners with the solid blue. Put it in the pile of quilts to be quilted. Hey, it's out of the block pile and now into the top pile, I consider that a win!
My dog is getting old, I'm now buying into the fact that she won't live forever. Thought I'd snap a few pics of her. She turned 13 this month. Her Dr. says she will live 12 - 14 years. :-(
Annie aka Anna Bananarama the super dog!
I hope everyone who made the trek is enjoying Sisters, can't wait to cruise around blogland next week and see all the fabulous quilts that hung in the town today.

...who is still looking for a book!


Louise said...

Anna Bannarama is such a sweetheart..that face gotta love her.. Okay so what is the book you are looking for Sharon?
Do ya think I might have it and if so what are the chances I can find it in my sewing room hmmm?

Mimi said...

Annie looks like she got tired watching you get side tracked from finding that book. What a cutie. Love the block and any forward motion on a quilt is good. Hope you find your book soon.

Janet O. said...

I know if I went hunting for a book at my house I would never find such fun treasures.
A top instead of blocks is definitely a win! It will make a very pretty tablecloth!
Looks like you have had a faithful companion for many years.