Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's the P Word

Yup, I'm still paper piecing. Last night and tonight I was able to sneak in bits of time.  My skills sure could use a boost with this method.  Yes, that's a blob of glue you see, I shorted myself and didn't realize it until the block was finished.  So a little dab of glue will keep it all in place and I should have a few threads to catch in the seam allowance.
Oops, I did my flying geese backwards.  I put all the pieces on the table, matched it all up to the pattern and was very careful to make sure the 1/2 sq tri's had the red on the outside corners, I was sure it was all correct.
Am I going to change it?  Not in this lifetime, a finished block is better than a correct block when it comes to this quilt!   What skill to you need to brush up on?



Louise said...

You just took a different route Sharon. Keep calm and carry on!

Janet O. said...

Well, I don't applique, paper piece, or do Y seams, so I guess any of those could use major improvement!
Love the glue!!

Mimi said...

Well, they all look good to me. You just shouldn't have told us anything and we would have been none the wiser.