Saturday, July 21, 2012

Changing Directions

I've been spending quality time with this project and the closer I got to having the cross hatching finished in one direction, I've stayed motivated. That's the goal, get the corners finished, set it aside and start the opposite grid this winter. But I couldn't wait, I changed direction to see how the grid will look. Now I can finish the first direction and set it aside.

Bright churn dash, perfect for a baby boy. The baby is due in a few weeks, the quilt will not be done. That's ok, I'm making it as a swap. The great grandpa is going to make me a bird house in exchange for the quilt. We have a deal, our swap must happen by Dec 31, 2012. He's built a row of western styled houses for his yard, they are fabulous. He's building me Annie's Ale House for my back yard.
When we asked the mom what she would like for a quilt, she said color, motorcycles or cars, blue, green, orange. I think this fits the bill.

We had summer, the flowers finally bloomed, and then the rains came. Good grief. I officially have given up on the gardening.

Here is Miss Molly, she looked so cute hanging over the railing, I usually show off Annie the dog, so Molly gets some face time today.
I'm off to my Applique Society meeting this morning, BTCT border #3 is going with me, I've got to revive this, I'm so close to finished.....I will finish it this year.
Congratulations to all who got their acceptance notices for Houston, job well done.

Have a great weekend


Janet O. said...

And the grid looks great, doesn't it?
I think your fabric choices for the "boy" quilt should make Mom happy.
We've had a crazy garden year, too--mostly hot and dry. I've planted carrots twice and I only have 7 carrots growing. Sure makes it easy to thin them. : )

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

..HA, I too get excited and like to change direction to see more of how it will finish, sometimes that REALLY inspires to hurry and get finished!!
It's looking good and so does the baby quilt!!