Sunday, July 15, 2012

JT2 Update

I got two more p.p.'ed blocks finished this week. Only one more left from my stack of prepped blocks. Seriously, could the pattern designers made a Bears Paw block in a size that does not require paper piecing? I know, it's a free pattern, no complaining allowed, I'm just sayin......

I've grouped my pieces together, I know this is going to be great when it's all done. I have some applique blocks that are next, and then I will pull out everything and see where I am at. I think I might have the first quadrant blocks done and that would be great.

Even my garden has gotten into the red and white. I didn't realize this until I uploaded these photos to this post! My bounty of raspberries and daisies.

My back yard is now breaking out in bloom, my hydrangea bush is loaded (with small) blooms, but last year I only had 3 flower heads on it. As for my vegetable garden, well,that's a different story. I'm starting to think my veggy seeds were placebo seeds! Even my zucchini plant has struggled, seriously, who can't grow a zucchini?

I'm definitely a better quilter than a gardener. I'm off to the studio, I'm almost finished a customer quilt and I have her last one next in line, I'd like to get it loaded on my machine today.


Mimi said...

I like ALL your red and whites.

Louise said...

You are just moving right along aren't you? Everything looing good Sharon including the berries!

Janet O. said...

Ha Ha, placebo seeds! Love it! I think that is what I got when I bought carrot seeds this year. I have grown them for years and this year, even with two plantings I only have 7 carrots growing. On the positive side--shouldn't be too hard to thin these! : )
Love your daisies and the berries have my mouth watering.
Your JT2 blocks are looking really good!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your JT2 blocks look so terrific!
Congrats on your daisies blooming so pretty - and those raspberries...YUM!