Friday, October 19, 2012

Customer Quilts

I've been waiting to show these quilts. As usual, you can "biggie" the pictures by clicking on them.
How fun are the chickens! Love all the farm themed blocks and the fabrics in this are perfect for the theme.
A great scrappy quilt, I love the golden crosses all feathered like this.  This is the second one by Mona, I just love all the fabrics she uses.

Continuous curve in all the scrappy blocks.

The embroidery piece is a pattern from Crabapple Hill, but look at the close ups.  Stacey went above and beyond with her stitching, these are a fabulous interpretation of the original pattern.

Too cute for words!  Stacey went the extra mile on all these blocks, and it shows.  Fabulous job. 

 Slow and steady wins the race with blocks like these, S said she worked on it for about 2 years, it was worth every minute. Hmmm, I wonder what she's stitching now?



Janet O. said...

The chicken quilt is sooo cute! My Grandpa was a chicken farmer and as a child I spent many happy hours among his chickens.
I love the way you have quilted Mona's quilt. Beautiful!
Stacey's stitchery is jaw-dropping! This is a talented (and patient) woman!!

Sharon said...

Oh, the farm quilt is so cute! Chickens always make me smile, esp. chickens on quilts!

Your quilting on Mona's quilt is spectacular! I love all your feathers, as always.

Stacy did a such a super job on her stitchery! What a great quilt!

libbyquilter said...

omg~!!~ that halloween quilt is just so. much. FUN~! beautiful stitching too.