Thursday, October 11, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty

This is all Karens fault. I'm not making any more blocks (yet!), because I have a great Hallow'een quilt already. Don't you think these will make great pillows? Maybe do Courthouse Steps around the block? I've had this book, Redwagon Originals, for a long time, and every so often I pull out a book from the case just to flip through for inspiration or to look at the pieces in the book. This was the book I pulled out last week!

Speaking of cats, just look at the commotion that Miss Molly caused in the household last week. She spooks easily and the dog made a sudden move, which promted the cat to take off. She hits the laminate floor and slides. I hear a crash, and thought it was a box of glasses knocked off a little table in the corner of the eating area. Not so much! Notice the leg that is NOT attached anymore.

She came flying back out of the room, I don't think she touched 2 of the 7 steps to get upstairs and she was gone! Thank goodness this didn't land on her!

That's all the excitement from my corner of the world. I have been machine quilting for customers with a time crunch. So along with fall yard work, (my $14 fall planter)

a day job and the 2 four legged kids, this is keeping me very busy. I shall breathe after the current piece on my machine is finished.
I'm loving this amazing fall weather and all the colors,



Janet O. said...

I loved Karen's quilt, too. The difference is, you did something about it, making your own scary cats. But it sounds like you have your own built-in scaredy-cat. : )

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your cat blocks are wonderful! Love your Fall planter too. Sorry to see your broken table - thankfully the cat & dog were uninjured. ;)

Kathie said...

Love those cat blocks I have that book will have to take it out
oh the poor kitty being that spooked to knock the table over, wow!
glad she is ok and it didn't fall onto of her

Karen said...

Chain reaction for sure! I made my cats quilt top after seeing one in a photo in my prim Yahoo group. Now you made one after seeing mine.

Lori said...

The applique kitty's are so cute!! Yours? Not so much! A cat knocked over and broke your table? She must have been scared!!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

HA! I would loved to see the commotion that went down with the kitty and pooch! Looks wild and crazy!!!

As for the other stationary appliqu├ęd kitties, I like the shape of them..too cute!

Woo Hoo on that spectacular fall flower arrangement, 14.00 dollars sounds like a bargain!!!

Linda O said...

Cute kitty blocks - great fabrics! Wow, what a ruckus with the table. Love your fall flowers. Looks like a great deal for $14!