Friday, May 24, 2013

Saturday Sewing

I love my TAS group. We meet the 3rd Sat of the month and we usually have 8 - 10 members show up each month. In the summer months, we get to visit with our snowbird members and J came home from AZ with some great work to show us.
This was a workshop J took and I got lucky with this photo. Her grandson showed up at the end of the meeting so he is holding the photo of himself while his Grandma shows off her blue ribbon work.

This bird is part of the Caswell quilt pattern.  JB, our fearless leader, has started working on this pattern. It has 30 blocks and a very interesting border.
Don't you just love the fabric choices for the birds eye and wing? Fabulous way to have the fabric work for your specific piece.
OK, I admit it, I dislike possum.  I think one is living under my garden shed, I've seen it's beady eyes pop out from underneath once or twice.  However, this is the cutest darn applique block, and again, JH has found the perfect fabric for this rodent!
Some lovely applique going on here, look at all those cherries!
Here is the start of her Hawaiian applique. I'm glad I'm not the only one with lots of projects going on.
C.O. also brought a fabulous Hawaiian applique from her workshop with the Pacific Rim Quilters, Nancy Chong.  Sorry, I missed that photo op.  But we are not applique snobs, we love seeing any quilted work and C brought in her finished sampler that was put on by Two Thimbles.
Look at this sweet little piece.  I love all the purples and mauves that she has used.

Well, until next month........we are going to do a pattern/book swap at our next meeting.  I have a few already organized to pass along to another quilter who might need another project to add to their list!



Janet O. said...

What a nice job grandma did on the applique of the grandson photo!
Oh, my--that bird is gorgeous. Yes, perfect fabrics. Looks like a very talented group--and it is nice to hear that you aren't applique snobs! : )

Louise said...

That fabric used on the leaf and bird's eye is one of my favorites. Cheryl does beautiful work...I am always in awe, especially with her eye for color!

Candace said...

Wow - what great pieces, Sharon, and some incredible appliques! It's amazing what you can find in fabric to mimic real life!

Karen said...

The Caswell block is beautiful. I just recently purchased that pattern.

We call the winter people Snowbirds too.