Friday, September 9, 2011


BASICS quilt drive is well underway. See the link on my sidebar for more info or click here. Many bloggers are participating in ways that fit their budget, both of time and money. I just recieved this top and binding. I pledged to quilt for people who would like to donate the top/binding and I'll provide the batting and back, along with the quilting.
Ms. K from Springfield, Virginia
I shall give an update once I get it quilted, this is so fresh and fun, and I just love the fabrics.

Do you have a top/binding you'd like to donate?  I have room for two more quilts. 


Janet O. said...

Sharon, I wish I could help, but I don't have a top that is bed size that is ready. I recently donated two that had been with me a long time that I realized I would never get made into a quilt. They went to my church's humanitarian aid department. So many causes--not enough quilts.

Belinda said...

Oh yes....this one is lovely, cute and oh so fresh looking...some lucky recipient is going to love this!!