Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Old Projects

Over the Labor day weekend I did get some sewing done. This project is quilted, bound, labeled and ready to deliver. I started this a few years ago, I pieced the back 3 times to use up every bit of fabric so it would be done and out of my studio.....and then yesterday I opened up a drawer and found a few more yards. Do you think fabric left in drawers behaves like rabbits? :-)

Here is a peek at my current project. It's been languishing in a box for several years, and once I got the above piece finished, I gave myself permission to open another UFO WIP bag.  This was a 4 block quilt that I had started, but I've switched gears on the pattern.  A few years ago I fused and cut out all the pieces and then packed up all the coordinating fabrics along with my idea notes and pattern and there it sat; staring  down at me from the window sill in my sewing room. I got it all fused and spray basted togehter, ready to take with me to my Sat sewing day. I'm machine appliqueing and quilting at the same time with a blanket stitch and then I'll quilt the background with a big stitch using perl cotton.
At our weekend retreat I was able to put up my 14 completed blocks of  BTCT.  Still no prepping on the next few blocks, that's on my agenda for this week.
My hydrangea had 2 blooms on it this year and they were buried under all the leaves, so I cut them and brought them inside to enjoy.

It's a short work week and the weekend will be here in no time!


Janet O. said...

Your finished project is a masterpiece! So stunning!
The only fabrics that multiply in drawers are the ones you don't need anymore. The ones you could use and are sure you have somewhere disintegrate when we aren't looking!
What a fun Christmas project. And I love the hydrangea. Wish they grew around here.

Karen said...

Oh, those Cherry Tree blocks looks so good! I was organizing my patterns into a notebook last night. I put them in individual see through vinyl sheet holders. That is the extent of my working on them. Oh, I do have the background fabric.

Louise said...

Good girl, the garage and all of the UFOs checked off your bucket list. I used to dry hydrangas...just left them in a bit of water in a vase and let them dry out that way..that is a pretty one..Hope all the little critters are doing well...good job all around..

Belinda said...

What a busy little quilter you are!!!

Colleen said...

What gorgeous blocks!!