Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Gardening

Things are winding down in my yard. I'm tired of deadheading and having only 3 daisy blooms on a huge plant, so I start cutting things back. I have no idea if this is the right time to do this, but if I keep at it a little at a time, by Nov my yard it cleaned up!

However, some things are just coming into their own right now.
Purple Asters.

Now this Aster has had an interesting season. I started out by planting roots for 2 pink Cone Flowers. I was excited to see them pop through the soil and continued to watch them through the summer. Not being an avid gardener, I've asked my neighbor a few times to tell me what are weeds. Well, she pointed to my two plants. No,I planted something there and since 2 plants were growing and I planted two roots, I stuck to my story. Then she came home from golf a few weeks ago and informed me that my "plant" was growing wild in the ditch at the course. I could see it was ready to burst into bloom, so I hung on. At this point, I'm positive it's not a pink Cone flower as I've gone to the greenhouse to see what they look like. Then on Labor day I popped into the grocery store and there were tables of this flowering plants, all with a stick naming them Purple Asters. Whew! I didn't nurse along some weed that would bloom and spread and take over my whole flower bed.

Dahlia's are in bloom.
I must have liked this style, since I bought it 3 times. I anxiously waited to see what color blooms they would have and all three were the same!
This hangs over my back fence, courtesy of my neighbor. It's the only color I have along there so it's a welcome sight.
Do you think my Kiwi's are going to ripen? I doubt it, although the tree is loaded with fruit this year.
The zucchini has been bountiful, my Black Eyed Susan daisy was prolific and my amber dahlia is starting to produce beautiful blooms.
With all this going on, not much has been happening in the sewing room. I'm dipping into this and that, I'm still working on some past projects, I'm prepping a few BTCT blocks and I volunteered at The Applique Society table at the local quilt show yesterday. You know I'll be showing you some pictures of the show.


Exuberant Color said...

I have purple asters too and they are just starting to bloom. However they will take over your garden if you aren't careful because once the flowers dry millions of seeds spread everywhere. I pull out lots of new plants every year. They are nice bushy fill in plants for the garden but the ones that come up from seed are usually long and leggy.

Janet O. said...

From the comment above it sounds like you have more dead-heading awaiting! Beautiful asters--good you didn't take your neighbor's advice. And I love those dahlias!