Saturday, September 3, 2011

BTCT Block 13

Whew, block 13 is done. I'll be redesigning a few of the upcoming blocks, those fingerlings are a PITA!
Now to prep a few more blocks and get cracking on more cherries.
I hope everyone takes some time to sit back and relax this long weekend, I know I will.


Me and My Stitches said...

PITA or not, they look great!

Jackie said...

Just beautiful!!

Janet O. said...

If relaxing is picking, husking, cutting from the cob and then freezing corn, I'll be doing a LOT of relaxing this weekend. Have to get the corn harvested before the raccoons do!
That block looks like it would have driven me mad, but you got a very nice result!

Lori said...

aaackk--forgot those little fingers until you posted. Looks like you whipped them into place!

Belinda said...

Oh yes....lots of little tiny finger looking thingies!!!!